Racing Horses with PT Thoroughbreds

Racing with PT Thoroughbreds

At PT Thoroughbreds, it gives us great pleasure watching our racehorses run.  More satisfying, is a financial return when the commitment to paying training costs is rewarded by a win.  


Ideally, a racehorse in training should be able to pay for itself and in that regard, we have been very careful to place our horses in the stables of racehorse Trainers whom we believe are equine professionals. 

From time to time we invite others to come racing with PT Thoroughbreds and share in the excitement of owning a racehorse.  These invitations involve taking up a share in a training lease where a group of owners share the costs of preparing the horse during its racing career.

Sharing the costs of racing a horse is one benefit of this type of ownership, as is sharing any resultant success with your fellow owners.