PT Thoroughbreds

Racing with PT Thoroughbreds via a Training Lease

Participating in racehorse ownership with PT Throughbreds isn't costly. Why not give racehorse ownership without the upfront expense of buying the horse a go, and partner with PT Throughbreds by joining a training lease to experience the excitement of racing your own horse?  

Sharing the costs of racing a horse is one benefit of this type of ownership, as is sharing any resultant success with your fellow owners.

What are the Costs?

PT Thoroughbreds Racing Silks - Royal Purple, Lime Green Fronds, Sleeves and Cap.

Entering into a training lease with PT Thoroughbreds isn't costly. There is no 'upfront' purchase cost and the rental with PT Thoroughbreds is 0%. You are not buying a share of a horse; rather, you are agreeing to be financially responsible for your share of the horses breaking-in, training, race preparation, veterinary expenses, farrier, transport and any spelling costs while the horse has a 'racing career'.

Each lessee is invoiced monthly by the trainer directly - so you see the bills yourself and only pay your account to to the trainer.

The approximate outgoings per calender month of a 5% stake in a training lease when the horse is in full work and racing 2 times a month (Ex GST) is approximately $150 per calender month.

No surprise accounts from farriers. No surprise accounts from vets.

Minimum 5% lessees are assured their name will appear in the racebook and any prizemoney is paid by Racing Victoria Limited (RVL) directly into the lessee's nominated bank account.

Under this structure, PT Thoroughbreds is deemed the managing lessee by RVL.